Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season - Even If You've Tried And Failed In The Past 
- Or Your Money Back
If you missed the shocking report from Psychology Today entitled, “Holiday Fat Facts,” … one look at the image above pretty much sums it up. Take a look at the left side of the chart.

There you’ll see the data from worldwide research involving Japan, the United States, and Germany, using the latest smartphone technology, proving that the majority of weight gain throughout the year takes place in a very narrow, 30-day window we call the holiday season.   

More specifically, the analysis pinpoints the exact time most people gain weight is sandwiched tightly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. How much weight are we talking about? Well, that’s where things get really discouraging for those without a plan. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can expect to gain 1.7 pounds.

If you’re not so lucky, you can gain, 5, 10, even up to 14 pounds — in only 30 days.
This is why it’s critical to have a proven plan 
heading into the holiday season!
Introducing the ...
Give us 21 days, and we’ll give you a healthier, 
stronger body by Christmas morning!
On each of these 21-days I’m going to give you the most dependable, reliable, and proven fat loss method science has to offer. In fact, starting on the first day of your Holiday Fat Inferno program, I’m going to hand you the only secret left to losing all the weight you want – The Tri-Pillar Success Blueprint.
It’s the most dependable, scientifically-proven Nutrition, Exercise and Accountability PLAN on the market today!
  •  Custom Nutrition Plan Designed by Industry Specialists...
  •  Portion-Specific Mealplan... 
  •  Macro-Nutrient Breakdown...
  •  Grocery Store Shopping List..
  •  Max Recovery Sleep, Hydration, and Supplement Formula...
  •  3-5 Workouts Per Week...
  •  Professional Coaching Staff...
  •  Specially Formatted Workouts... 
  •  Promote Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption... 
  •  Melts Fat For Up to 72 hours After You Stop Working Out! 
  •  Positive Check-in
  •  Weigh-in
  •  Weight Tracking System
  •  Open 2-Way Coach/Client Communication
  •  Support Forum
We’ve strategically scheduled Holiday Fat Inferno to take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas … the very time most people are likely to gain weight. With the help of our Tri-Pillar Success Blueprint, though, you will take charge of the holiday season like a boss and keep those extra pounds off!

Rest assured, we’ve done all the thinking, planning, and programming for you. 

All you have to do is show up and follow the plan and it will work. It’s that easy. 

You’ll enjoy family gatherings, seasonal parties, and corporate holiday dinners without fear of gaining a single pound. 

That’s because four days a week (or more if you choose), you’ll experience what it feels like to turn your body into a calorie burning machine. 

You’ll love how you feel when increased blood flow rushes through your body transporting life-giving oxygen to every muscle. 

You’ll be delighted how much better your focus and concentration becomes … in only a few short days.

And you’ll be thankful for the increased energy throughout your day.

All that is just the beginning, too, because you’ll also enter the New Year w-a-y ahead of the game with your …
  •  Shoulders and arms looking more toned and shapely …
  •  Waistline feeling smaller and tighter …
  •  Hips and butt areas feeling firmer, and more shapely, and …
  •  Posture improvements with much less body pain.
Plus, you’re going to notice how you have an overall better emotional life. 

Just imagine it: While millions wake up to Christmas morning weighing more than ever, you’ll rise to the greatest gift possible — the gift of better health.
Real People. Real Results.
So, what are you waiting for? 

Right now, you have a rare opportunity to be one of the few people who won’t gain weight during the holiday season.

Let me erase any reservations you may have.

I want you to experience the Holiday Fat Inferno risk-free, that's why we want to extend you our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If (after training with us 4 times a week and following our nutrition program as directed, you are not completely satisfied), I’ll insist on refunding your investment. That’s how much we believe in this program.

If that sounds good to you, you’ll love the Holiday Fat Inferno program.
What’s The Investment?
Look, I’ve seen personal trainers offer programs like this starting at $500 and cost upwards of $1,000 … and that’s without the support and accountability you’ll get here. 

I think that’s outrageous and … you won’t invest anywhere near that much! 

Because when you take advantage of the Holiday Fat Inferno program today, not only will you get our iron clad 100% money back guarantee, you’ll be delighted with the cost.
Give Yourself the Best Holiday Gift Possible by Locking in Your Spot as a Holiday Fat Inferno Member for Just …
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we contact you if we have a question?
You can call us at (503) 747-7317 or email us at Chuck@pacpersonaltraining.com
When does this program start?
This program starts on Monday, November 27th, 2017Saturday the 25th of November we're hosting a mandatory nutrition seminar. We'll answer all questions and help you get started right to have a successful journey. 

Mandatory Nutrition Seminars and Pre-assessments:
Available Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm or the Saturday morning @ 10 am BEFORE challenge begins.
What is your schedule?
Large Group CrossFit Schedule (Unlimited)
60-minute classes
Monday: 5:30am, 6:30am, 9am, 12pm 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Tuesday: 5:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm,
Wednesday: 5:30am, 6:30am, 9am,12pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Thursday: 5:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm,
Friday: 5:30am, 6:30am, 9am, 12pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Saturday: 8 am & 9:15am
Sunday: No Classes
Do I have to come every single day?
Absolutely NOT... You can get shredded in as little as 3-4 days a week with us. 
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.
Do you guys offer one-on-one Personal Training?
Yes, it's available in-house. Speak with a team member for details on our 30 minute or 60 minute, "specificity," private training to laser-focus on your specific goals.
Does it include a nutrition plan, too?
Yes, we will tell you exactly what and when to eat so you can easily reach your goals. 
Will there be a prize?
Yes, Complete this challenge and stay on board with us and receive:
- 1 FREE MyZone wearable technology belt
- 1 container of Branch Chain Amino Acids
- 1 container of grass fed, whey protein
- 5 Kill Cliff recovery drink
- 15% spouse discount
- 1 MyZone MZ30 belt
*Winner based on number of pounds of fat lost, as a percentage based on bodyweight.
 CrossFit Hillsboro
2074 NW Aloclek Dr.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
P.S. The response to this program has been overwhelming, and I only have a few spots left, and I sincerely hope you don’t miss out. 

So, if you’d rather not spend your New Year kicking yourself for putting on extra weight, I highly encourage you to take advantage of this program today!
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